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Recycling Cartridges – Making Money From Trash

One of the most important assets of a toner remanufacturer are cores. If we don’t get used toner cartridges back from you we can’t, of course, remanufacture them for you.

box-5-48Cartridge + box + label = money + recycling

For our existing clients this has become second nature: Toner cartridge empty = box up, use LaserEquipment label, send back for free.

For new clients the process is very similar: Call us or drop us a line, let us know the makes and models you want to send to us, we’ll give you an estimate how much we’ll pay you and send you the shipping details. It is important

It is important to remember, that we can not use defective cartridges for the remanufacturing process. Having said that, we are always happy to help you recycling your cores – one way or the other.

Recycle Printer Cartridges

recycling-48What happens to cartridges

Sending your empty cores back to us is the first step in what is called the circular economy. We like simply to refer to the process as using your brain; cartridges don’t grow on trees, and we are all responsible for leaving a cleaner world to our children.

But back to the facts. Once we receive your cartridges, we clean them and make sure they are functioning before getting them ready for the next toner fill. Usually, we “convert” a standard cartridge into an “extended yield” cartridge, add a longer life-cycle for less money to it.

page-quality-48Quality control and back to printing

Once the cartridge is remanufactured, we run it through a final quality check making sure it works as it should in real life and above all meets the printing quality expectations related to modern office printing: toner density, clear fonts, etc. *

Only cartridges passing our rigorous testing are boxed, labeled and prepared for shipping.

*Please bear in mind not only toner cartridges need cleaner, your printer does, too.
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