Corporate Responsibility

During the production of one ton of paper
2565 lbs
of greenhouse gasses are produced.

1 Ton of Paper is Equal to
sheets of paper


LaserEquipment, a commitment to greener printing and greener corporate spaces

LaserEquipment is a family owned business committed to exceeding even the highest expectations of our clients.

As much as we thrive to be their first choice as a technology partner, we are putting our environmental consciousness and corporate responsibility at the core of our doing.

Green Printing Business Solutions

Reduce Waste, Reduce Costs, & Improve Productivity

We are determined to support our clients achieving the following goals:

  • Minimize the environmental impact of our businesses
  • Reduce and prevent pollution tracing back to our businesses
  • Create a broader understand how we all can contribute to running greener businesses

Adopt a greener printing policy and save both time and money.

Based on a one-stop-shop concept at LaserEquipment, we offer our clients everything you need for an improved document output experience:

  • Remanufactured laser toner (incl. extended yield, offering additional savings)
  • Compatible laser toner
  • MICR toner
  • Ink
  • Refurbished printers and Multifunctional Printers (MFPs)
  • Refurbished printer and MFP parts
  • Empty Cartridge Return / Buy-back Programs
  • Printer and Printer Parts Recycling Programs
  • Managed Print and Managed Document Solutions
  • 24/7/365 Remote / Onsite SLAs

greentech-48Hand in hand for a greener printing policy

As much as remanufactured / refurbished components help you becoming part of the circular economy (helping you to reduce your carbon footprint at this end), our managed print and managed document solutions (in cooperation with Perfect Output, LLC), help you drive down the overall TOC (total cost of ownership) of the document output process and carbon footprint.

speedometer-48Extended yield

We offer extended yield cartridges.  In other words, you’ll print more pages for even less money.   On an average, you’ll save between 30% and 50% percent compared to a new Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) brand-named cartridge, and on top, you are twice as environmentally friendly by using a remanufactured cartridge that lasts longer than a brand new one.

website-optimization-48Little tweaks – big effects

With more than 25 years in the toner remanufacturing and printing industry, our experts have seen all the good, the bad and the ugly: poor toner quality, poor cartridge performance, poor printer maintenance, and plenty of printing inefficiencies costing companies a fortune every year.

Our experts will be honored to share our knowledge with you, drop us a line today with your printing and productivity concerns, we’re here to help.